Frequesntly Asked Questions

This page is for you to read about the Questions that some of our clients frequesntly ask in most cases.
Please read before sending us an email as the question you have might have been answered here.

General Questions

The duration to design a website differ from website to website - it will depend on how big the project is. But in most cases, it will be determined by how fast you reply our emails when we request for eaither your comment on something or when we request for some information to go on the site.

So the quicker the client is in communicating with our designers, the faste the website will be completed.
All our projects are done on 50% deposit on approval of the quotation.

Once you have approved the Quotation - We will assign one of our experienced web desgners to handle your project.

You will be required to make a payment, then you send us a detailed brief of how you want your website to function like, and how you want it to look like etc.

Then we go through the brief for a minimum of one day, then we start with a template and populate all the information you sent us on to the website, everything with the images etc.

Then we sent you the URL/ Link to view the website as it is being designed - It should take us a week to have your website completed, then from there you will give us all the feedback if you like it or not or if youwant to change something etc, once the changes have been applied, we then lauch your site.

We give our clients one month full to test drive the website if theres any broken links etc or if there is something you have forgotten to include when yo sent us the brief. You have a MONTH to contact us again to update whatever you wanted to update that you have forgoted.
If it is a CMS - Content Management System, we will oer a FREE training when we launch on how to update the content yourself. So you will be able to update images and other ifnromation.

If the website is coded manualy on an HTML Code, you will require skills to be able to update the website as everything is designed using HLML.
All our Clients with HTML website prefer to have us continuulsy maintain their website for only R400 per hour or R600 per Month.
CMS website is a bit Expensive to design, cheaper to maintain - its a webs Technology that is used nowadays, it allows us to make your website do anything you want it to do, it is mostly used by most companies that run Blogs/ Magazine/ Newspaper websites as it allows them to easily update content using copy and paste from a word document, it doent need any special skill to maintain.

HTML website is chepper to design, but expensive to maintain as you need to have someone with HTML knowledge to work on it whenever you want to update anything.